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Effective Receding Hairline Treatment

If you've noticed the first signs of a receding hairline, worry not, as there are a number of promising treatments on the market to promote healthier hair and reduce further hair shedding. Throughout their lifetime, approximately 42% of men will experience moderate to...

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Treating Hair Loss in Your 20s

Have you looked into the mirror each morning, noticing thinning hair? Or maybe even the beginnings of a bald spot on the crown of your head? You're only in your mid 20s, so how could you be losing your hair already? You're much too young for this to be happening.Does...

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What To Do if You Are Balding

Whether you're experiencing sudden hair loss or the early stages of a receding hairline, balding can be a difficult reality to face. The most effective way to minimise further hair loss and nourish the remaining hair follicles is to begin an early hair loss treatment...

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Does Going Bald Mean Hair Won’t Grow Back?

Whether you've noticed your bald patch growing in size or an increased amount of hair shedding when brushing, any form of hair loss can be disheartening. With 42% of men experiencing moderate to extensive hair loss in their lifetime, it's important to understand what...

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The Link Between Insomnia and Hair Loss

Is the thought of losing your hair keeping you up at night? You may be surprised to learn that it could, in fact, be your insomnia or poor sleep patterns that are causing your hair loss. The human growth hormone is greatly affected by lack of sleep, with research...

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How to Prevent Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss and ways to stop it Unlike wine, whiskey, and your favourite pair of jeans, unfortunately some things don't improve with age. Hair density is one of those things. Male pattern baldness (MPB), or male androgenetic alopecia (MAA) as it's also...

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7 Hair Loss Myths

We’re calling out the Internet and old wives’ tales, because nine times out of ten, hair loss myths are false. And, in the worst-case scenario that baldness does strike, it’s not going to happen overnight. There’ll be early signs so you can take preventative measures before your mane goes completely MIA.

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