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Uneven skin tone

Uneven skin tone is a common condition whereby areas appear lighter or darker than surrounding areas. [1]

Caused by hormones, genetics, sun exposure, and natural ageing, uneven skin tone affects the faces of many Aussie blokes.

With our quick consultations and fast delivery, there’s no reason to wait for prescription treatment for uneven skin tone.

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Prescription strength skin care treatments

Azelaic acid

A topical treatment that helps improve uneven skin tone when applied to the skin



A topical treatment that helps reduce pigmentation when applied to the skin

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Uneven skin tone FAQs

What is uneven skin tone?

Uneven skin tone, also known as hyperpigmentation, is a common skin condition in which patches of skin become darker than the surrounding areas.[1] This can be caused by various factors, such as sun exposure, genetics, hormones, or underlying medical conditions. In most cases, uneven skin tone is not a serious medical issue; however, it can impact self-esteem and confidence.

What causes uneven skin tone?

Sun exposure is a particularly common cause of uneven skin tone, as ultraviolet (UV) light can damage the skin and cause it to become discoloured. Hormonal changes and certain genetic or medical conditions can also lead to fluctuations in skin tone. [2]

What happens if my skin reacts to the treatment I’ve been prescribed?

If you notice a reaction to the treatment you’ve been prescribed, immediately stop using the treatment and consult with a member of our medical team for further investigation. You can start a consult with your assigned clinician via the patient portal.

How fast will my treatment be delivered and how is it packaged?

Once you’ve paid for your treatment, we’ll express post it to anywhere in Australia. Your treatment will be packaged in discreet Australia Post packaging and should arrive within 1-3 days.

Can I speak to my medical team at any time?

Of course! Our online platform enables ongoing support whenever you need it. To chat with your medical team, log into your profile, head to the ‘Products’ tab and select ‘Manage Treatment’. This is where you can message your assigned clinician.

Our team is also available at [email protected]. Drop us a line, anytime.

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