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Delivery & returns


Following the purchase of your medication, our partner pharmacy will dispatch your order within one to two business days into the Australia Post Express network, TNT or through our cold chain partner Home Delivery Service (HDS). General information about Australia Post, TNT and HDS delivery times and standards can be confirmed on their websites.

Australia Post, TNT and HDS are third-party delivery providers engaged by Midnight Health and, as such, Midnight Health cannot be liable for any loss or damage (including but not limited to consequential loss) resulting from the conduct of Australia Post, TNT or HDS.
All parcels will be delivered to the provided address. It is recommended to provide a work address for delivery if no one is home during business hours.


We will provide you with a refund on your treatment plan if:

  • The clinician decides it is not appropriate to provide a treatment plan to you;
  • The treatment plan ordered is no longer available; or
  • An incorrect treatment plan or pricing error is identified.

If your refund is approved, it can take up to 14 days to be completed. Due to state health regulations general medicines and prescriptions including any preparation that is taken orally cannot be returned / reused. This is because once the product has left the pharmacy, the storage conditions of the product cannot be guaranteed and also it is possible the product could be tampered with.