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Can’t Get Erect After Alcohol? This May Be Why

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Sex

Believed to be one of the ultimate sexual enablers, alcohol consumption is often used as a method to loosen up, get in the mood, or work up the courage to engage in sex that your sober self may not have considered a possibility. But, drinking beyond your limit can impact your sexual performance and even cause you to experience alcohol induced erectile dysfunction (ED), or “whiskey dick” as the condition is casually known.

So, what is whiskey dick? How long does whiskey dick last? And, how can you prevent whiskey dick from disrupting your love life? Let us explain!

What exactly is whiskey dick?

Whiskey dick is a form of alcohol induced erectile dysfunction that occurs when a person can’t initiate or maintain an erection due to intoxication despite being in the mood for sex. Generally, it’s only temporary, however when you’re in the moment of a casual fling or love sesh, experiencing whiskey dick can be a major disturbance to an otherwise fun night. The opposite of a happy ending, if you will.

What causes whiskey dick?

It all boils down to the effect alcohol has on your cardiovascular system and central nervous system (CNS). As a depressant, alcohol has a slowing effect on your CNS that can impair your reasoning, reaction times and motor skills while interfering with the information relaying from your brain to other parts of your body, and your dick is no exception to the rule here.

How long does whiskey dick last?

You’ll be relieved to know whiskey dick is a temporary form of alcohol induced ED. It can last for several hours, with improvements to your performance developing as you begin to sober up.

What type of alcohol causes whiskey dick?

Despite popular belief, you better believe it isn’t only whiskey that causes your momentary lapse of erection. All alcoholic drinks contain ethyl alcohol, or ethanol. That means all types of alcohol can affect your performance in the bedroom. The only thing here is that alcoholic concentration levels may differ from one drink to another, which could alter the intensity and timeframe of ED.

How to prevent whiskey dick?

This one’s a no-brainer. To dramatically reduce your chance of experiencing alcohol induced ED, steer clear of alcohol. If a sober life isn’t the life for you, reducing your alcohol intake is the next most effective way to reduce your risk of being affected by whiskey dick. Worried that you don’t have a strong enough grip on your drinking habits? Try these tips to enjoy bevvies with your mates in moderation:

  • Before you start drinking, set a limit to the number of drinks you aim to consume and stick to it
  • Let your mates know that you’re setting a drinking limit, so they can back your decision
  • Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, like water, soda or juice
  • Always eat a substantial meal prior to drinking
  • Try consuming drinks with a lower-alcohol content
  • If all fails and you believe you may have a problem controlling your alcohol consumption, seek professional help

Need help with your ED? Let us help.

This blog is designed to be informative and educational. It is not intended to provide specific medical advice or replace advice from your medical practitioner.

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