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5 Sleep Trackers that work

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Lifestyle

Get a better night’s sleep with these sleep trackers available in Australia

Sleep tracking can provide valuable insight into what goes on when your head hits the pillow each night. Using sensors that detect body movement and heart rate, sleep trackers monitor sleeping patterns so you can use the data to improve and optimise your life. If you’ve ever wondered why some mornings you rise feeling a million bucks and other mornings you feel like you haven’t slept an ounce of sleep at all, check out these five sleep trackers that work.

  • WHOOP 4.0

Is WHOOP 4.0 the best sleep tracker available in Australia right now? We think it’s up there. Designed with a robust sensor, WHOOP 4.0 accurately monitors sleep cycles, debt, performance, and quality through biometric data, including blood oxygen, skin temperature and heart rate metrics. WHOOP 4.0 has capability to recommend hours of sleep needed for optimal recovery and track sleep stages, disturbances, respiratory rate and more. Plus, it’s durable SuperKnit band makes the WHOOP 4.0 one comfy wearable to hit the sheets with each night.

  • Oura Ring 

If you’re looking for a freaking cool wearable sleep tracker that’s futuristic in design, look no further than the Oura Ring. Using an infrared LED sensor and state-of-the-art sleep staging algorithm, Oura factors in key vitals like body temperature, heart rate and time spent in each sleep stage to provide personalised health insights, sleep analysis and a daily sleep score. With Oura, you’ll go to bed with a personal sleep lab on your finger and start each day smarter.

  • Withings Sleep Analyzer

Not a fan of wearable sleep trackers? No problem. Withings Sleep Analyzer is an under-mattress pad that can be used to track your sleeping habits sans wearing anything on your finger, wrist or head. Offering advanced sleep cycle analysis, heart rate tracking, and snore detection, Withings Sleep Analyzer delivers loads of data to improve the quality of your sleep. In fact, one in three users discovered they had sleep breathing disturbances, proving Withings Sleep Analyzer is one sleep tracker that definitely works.

  • Muse S Brain Sensing Headband

Discover your daily sleep score with the help of Muse S Brain Sensing Headband. Powered by advanced EEG technology, this wearable sleep tracker headband responds to your mind, heart and breath to help you understand and track how well you focus, sleep and recharge. An innovative tool for anyone who may be struggling to achieve a decent night of shut-eye.

  • Fitbit Sense

Uncover the mysteries lurking within your sleeping patterns with the help of budget-friendly Fitbit Sense. The most advanced Fitbit on the market, this sleep tracking smartwatch identifies transitions through the light, deep and REM sleep stages to provide the data you need to improve your health. This study suggests Fitibit measures sleep with greater accuracy than other devices on the market. And there’s also a built-in snore detection tool for those who may be curious.

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