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Premature Ejaculation (PE)

40% of men experience PE at some point in their lives. 

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PE treatments

PE treatment can help delay climax and improve bedroom performance overall. Take one pill 30-60 minutes before sex and all you have to worry about is enjoying the moment.

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Initial doctor’s consult $25

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Our doctors prescribe PE treatments that are clinically proven to help men last longer.


85% success rate when used in combination with behavioural therapies


85% success rate when used in combination with behavioural therapies

Premature Ejaculation FAQs

How does premature ejaculation treatment work with Stagger?

Stagger uses a secure, digital health platform to provide a discreet, convenient, and affordable way for you to receive premature ejaculation treatment from an Australian GP – all without leaving the couch!

Simply fill out our online questionnaire and one of our Australian-based GPs will review your answers and make sure it’s safe and appropriate to prescribe PE treatment. It’s vital you answer each question to the best of your knowledge and ensure that every answer in the questionnaire is truthful, accurate and thorough.

Your treatment plan will include a great deal of information about PE. It is important you take the time to read it all.

What treatments does Stagger offer for PE?

There are different options that your GP may recommend, depending on your unique health situation. These include the most effective treatments recommended by the RACGP.

The simplest effective treatment is usually the best choice, so your doctor will try to prescribe the treatment that is most likely to work well for you. Based on your experience, however, your management may change over time by switching to another treatment choice or using a combination of agents. Some men use an oral treatments and apply a topical anesthetic that they then cover with a condom. They get the sensations they want, experience the prolonged pleasure of an extended sexual experience, and orgasm at a time both they and a partner find satisfying. For other men, such a combination is overkill. That is why your personal experience is so important.

Our Aussie GPs prescribe the most common PE treatments which include:

  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs
  • Topical anaesthetics
When should I take PE treatment?

Your dosage will depend on what treatment your doctor prescribes. Please follow the package directions to ensure you’re using correctly for the best possible outcome.

Is PE treatment effective?

Although no single treatment works for everyone, most men can be treated successfully. Just be sure to be honest and stay in contact with your Stagger doctor. There are multiple treatments that can be tried, different topical therapies, and varied techniques that can be used alone or in unique combinations. Some people see immediate results. Others will find they need to try a few different methods before finding the right solution. If things don’t go as planned or if you experience an adverse side effect, don’t give up. You have options and we are here to help you find the best solution.

What happens if the PE treatment doesn't work?

If the treatment prescribed to you doesn’t work, don’t worry! There are many options for treating premature ejaculation.

If you’re finding the PE treatment is not working, speak to your healthcare professional who can look at other treatment options with you.

What are the side effects of PE treatments?

Many side effects of SSRIs are transient and mild, meaning they’ll go away on their own as you get used to the treatment. However, some side effects can be persistent. In rare cases, SSRIs can also cause serious, potentially harmful side effects.

Common side effects of SSRIs include:

  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Reduced sex drive

Side effects from SSRIs generally improve over time without you needing to change your dosage or consider other treatment.

Why can PE and ED be treated with the same treatment?

ED often is an underlying cause of PE. Sometimes, the same stress that causes either one can cause both. However, ED itself can begin a flow of changes that results in PE. This is because men with ED often attempt to keep themselves erect by vigorously stimulating themselves, and this intense stimulation can inadvertently result in PE. When the erection is supported by these treatments, vigorous stimulation is often not needed to maintain an erection. With less vigorous stimulation, men gain more control over the timing of their ejaculation.

How much does the doctor's consultation cost?

Stagger doctor consultations have a one-off cost of $25.

How much do the treatments cost?

Australian law prevents the advertising of treatment costs (and for good reason), which makes this question hard to answer. However, our treatments start at $1/dose.

How does my order ship?

Your order is sent within 1 day of purchase from our partner pharmacy based in Australia, all orders are sent in a discreet box with an unmarked outer bag. All orders include free express delivery.