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Prescription Meds To Your door

Filling your prescriptions should be convenient. By uploading the token from your doctor, we connect you with a local pharmacist for fast prescription medication delivery to your door.

Save yourself time, avoid the pharmacy queues and travel time.

We help men with their health

Our mission is to get men the help they need without all the hassle, seriousness and sometimes awkwardness.

Australian Licensed

Discreet packaging

Fast delivery

Steps to getting your scripts sorted!

Upload your token

Upload your token and answer some simple questions

Await pharmacist review

A local pharmacist will provide medication options with pricing.

Await pharmacist review

A local pharmacist will provide medication options with pricing.

Approve your medication

Choose and pay for your medication.

Medication is delivered to your door

Your medication is dispensed with fast and discreet delivery.

Medication is delivered to your door

Your medication is dispensed with fast and discreet delivery.

Fill-a-Script FAQs

What is Fill-a-script?

Fill-a-script is an electronic prescription, or e-script for short. E-scripts are a digital version of the paper prescriptions you’ve received from your doctor for years. They’re safe, secure, and the most convenient way to access prescription medications online, anytime!

What are the benefits of Fill-a-script?

When you choose to use Fill-a-script, you’ll have more time to spend on the things that matter most in your life. Whether it’s kicking the footy with your mates, date night with your partner, or visiting your mum, Fill-a-script saves you time with online access to prescription meds that’s fast, easy, and convenient.

How much does Fill-a-script cost?

Once you’ve uploaded your Fill-a-script token, you’re connected with a local pharmacist who reviews your request and provides medication options with pricing. Prices will vary depending on the medication you choose, however they will be on par with most Australian pharmacy prices.

What medications are available through Fill-a-script?

Pharmacists dispense medications considered safe for delivery, with the exception of codeine, gabapentin, pregabalin, quetiapine, tramadol, zolpidem, zopiclone, and all benzodiazepines.

How can I request an Fill-a-script token?

Next time you have a medical appointment, simply ask your doctor to send an Fill-a-script token to you via SMS or email. It’s that simple!

Where do I find my token?

To locate your Fill-a-script token, open the e-script link in the SMS or email provided by your doctor. Once you’ve opened the link, select the blue button on the screen to use your token.

Can I submit several Fill-a-script tokens at once?

Only one Fill-a-script token can be accepted at any one time. 

What about my medication repeats?

Medication repeats are no problem with Fill-a-script. When you’re ready for a repeat, ask the pharmacist and they’ll issue a new token via SMS or email.

How long does it take for Fill-a-script medications to arrive?

Once you’ve approved and paid for your preferred medication it will usually be delivered within 1-3 days depending on the delivery location.

Do I need to be home to receive my prescription medication delivery?

Yes, our delivery drivers require proof of ID and your signature for all medication deliveries.

What happens if I’m not home when my prescription medication is delivered?

The delivery driver will deem your delivery unsafe and return your medication to the pharmacy for delivery on a future date when you will be home.

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