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Hair loss is a daunting fear for many men. With the number of hair loss myths circling society, it’s not surprising so many men are worried about the prospect of going bald. When it comes to hair loss, it seems there’s a lot to think about; when will hair loss happen, why hair loss happens and who hair loss is most likely to happen to. The list is never-ending.

We’re calling out the Internet and old wives’ tales, because nine times out of ten, hair loss myths are false. And, in the worst-case scenario that baldness does strike, it’s not going to happen overnight. There’ll be early signs so you can take preventative measures before your mane goes completely MIA.

Now, let’s clear up some hair loss myths you’ve probably heard.

Hair loss only happens with age

Let us guess. You live your life thinking you have all the time in the world to rock your natural flock of hair because hair loss is associated with old age. Apologies in advance, but hair loss can strike at any age. Be it 21, 44, 63, or 85, hair loss does not connect length of time on earth with a guaranteed decrease in hair count. Learn to spot the signs of hair loss early.

Wearing a hat causes baldness

We bet this hair loss myth resulted from a girlfriend/mother/wife’s attempt to get their man to remove their cap at the dinner table, and we’re throwing some serious shade at its legitimacy. While there is a chance of gradual hair loss from the tension caused from constantly wearing an intensely tight hat, that chance is slim. So, the good news is that you can have your cap/fedora/beanie, and wear it, too.

Stress makes your hair fall out

It’s true that stress can contribute towards temporary hair loss, however there’s no evidence to suggest stress causes permanent baldness. So, although buying a house, planning a wedding, or tackling a break-up can all be super stressful experiences, they’re not going to permanently harm your mane.

If you’re consistently sliding towards the stressed end of the spectrum, look at implementing some stress management into your life. Daily exercise, meditation and yoga are just three ways to improve your mental and physical health.

Using lots of product causes hair loss

Sure, an overuse of hair styling products can cause serious damage and dryness to hair, but styling products won’t lead you on a path to premature baldness. The only thing hair products will cause you to lose, is money.

Hair loss is genetically passed down from your parents

Despite receiving your father’s sense of humour, you’re not necessarily guaranteed a shiner up top if that’s the look your dad rocks (by choice, or not). Hair loss is a polygenic trait, which means it can’t be explained by a single gene passed down from one person to another. In fact, it’s thought that hair loss could be caused by several genes from both sides of your family. And, to throw another point in your parents’ corner, baldness can skip generations. So, maybe looking at the state of your grandparent’s hair will provide better hints at the future of yours.

Shaving your hair will make it grow back thicker

No, fellas, this is one hair loss myth that is straight-up unproven. Think about it, if shaving your head caused abundant hair growth, wouldn’t there be one helluva lot more dudes walking around with afros? We think so.

Hair loss is permanent

Have you ever heard the saying, “Nothing in life is permanent”? Well, hair loss only partly falls into that category. Male pattern baldness is permanent, if left untreated for a long period of time. But, male baldness doesn’t have to be a life sentence. There are many hair loss treatment options available nowadays, including science-based medications. The key is to act quickly at the first signs of hair loss for your best chance of regrowth.